“I have never experienced this level of care in all of my adult medical care.  It is refreshing, comforting, and a miracle straight from HIM.”

— Tanja Barbour - Rockland, Maine

“The gift of feeling better is something I cannot adequately express my appreciation for…”

— Val W. - Johnson City, Tennessee

9 years of medically diagnosed Fibromyalgia and joint pain is non-existent now!
— J. Hilliker - Hickory, North Carolina

“Arteriogram showed arterial blockage cleared with Nattokinase”

I was diagnosed with 100% blockage, Atherosclerosis, behind my knee by a Vascular Surgeon. Prior to having and arteriogram, he put me on Plavix and Pletal. This was supposed to only be for pre-surgery reasons. Reluctantly, I took it as prescribed. Please keep in mind that due to not knowing the health of my artery, the surgeon left roughly 20% blocked. He didn’t want my artery to blow out. After surgery, he recommended I stay on those two medications unitl the first six month check up. I did. I went for my first check up and there were no changes, which I think he may have thought the blockage would have possibly been a little worse.

Anyway, at that point I decided to stop taking the Plavix and Pletal and start taking Nattokwinase and Niacin in they place. I went for my next check up, this was one year after the surgery. The flow in my artery had improved, which meant the Nattokwinase was doing exactly what you had told me it would do, start cleaning up my arteries and the blockage that had been left in there.

In another six months, I went for another check up and the flow of my blood through that artery had improved even more.

I think my doctor couldn’t understand what was going on and I never mentioned it to him because I know natural products are not very well accepted by some doctors, I think because they do not truly understand the benefits of them.

I am so thankful that I have eliminated two medications that I feel are not good for you and can cause other serious problems, and have found natural alternatives that actually do what they are intended to do. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with me.

God is Good!!

— Mona U. - Strawberry Plains, Tennessee

"God heard my prayers and used Sozo to heal me so I can remain on the mission field to serve Him overseas."

In July of 2014 I came down with what initially looked like dengue fever, a tropical disease I have had before.  I had low grade temp, body aches, especially in my lower back and over all tired and fatigue.  I spent a week in bed.  Thinking it was dengue and the worse was over I tried to slowly return to “normal life” which didn’t happen.  

I was achy most of the time especially in my joints like my hands and feet.  The arches of my feet hurt so bad I limited how much I walked out of pain.  I am normally a person who runs at 110% but I was barely making 50%.  I needed naps all the time, hit the bed no later then 8pm and was out but woke up around 2 am in pain.  I had ongoing back and neck pain.  Though I will be 40 this year and have tried to keep myself in good health, I felt like I was twice my age.  The only expat doctor in my city prescribed strong anti-inflammatories.  I was taking them round the clock to take the edge off but that was all they did.  My hormones where totally out of whack, I had problems with mouth sores, toe nails, weight gain, the list went on and on.  The countless other “side effects” were treated as possible symptomatically but no real answers.  I was tired all the time and thought I might be struggling with depression.  As weeks turned into months I started doing more research on-line, I self diagnosed chikungunya.  It explained my various symptoms and gave a bench mark of 6 months.  If the pain didn’t go away it was “chronic” with little known on how to cure it.  As the 6 month mark came and went and no relief I cried out to God, "this is more than I could bare" and prayed for healing options.   

In God's providence my parents were also concerned so April of 2015 I flew to the US to investigate further.  I finally found a doctor who would run the blood tests to confirm my suspicions of chikungunya but his only option since anti-inflammatories were not helping were to try steroids.  This didn’t seem to address the core issue in my mind.  Having worked with Denise in the past and her checking up on me in FB she let me know about other options.  

Sozo throughly tested me finding not just “chikungyna,” which has the same bad bacteria as lyme’s disease but also parasites that needed to be cleaned out before addressing the bacteria.  Denise got me on a parasite cleanse as quickly as possible and within a week I could see a difference.  I had to force myself to rest and help my body fight.  After having put on weight for months the pounds dropped off without trying.  After almost 9 months of sickness I finally had hope that health was still an option.  Each new protocol had some herxing effects but within a week I found new relief.  I started the bacterial cleanse in June and within a month the joint pain was completely gone.  I am over half way done with my treatment and feel I’m running at least 80%.  I appreciate not only the relief but the holistic healing that Sozo Life & Wellness offers.  God heard my prayers and used Sozo to heal me so I can remain on the mission field to serve Him overseas.

— Jodi R. - Indonesia